Saturday, 28 August 2010

Taking a tumble

Well there has been no news on the blog of late as I've been away from the windowsill with work. And what a time to go away! A few days in to my trip I had an email from the guy that lives downstairs saying that our troughs were in his front garden. Oh dear... the weather has been so awful in London that the wind had picked up the two troughs on the living room windowsills and deposited them in the garden. Thank goodness they were only plastic ones and not terracotta!

The damage doesn't seem too bad anyway, we lost quite a few green tomatoes and one of the sweet peppers (which is starting to turn red as well!) has split but asides from that they don't seem to be too bad which is lucky. They've had a few days to recouperate back in the fireplace but I think we'll need to pluck up the courage to put them back out on the windowsill soon or otherwise they'll start growing in that crazy way like they did before in the fireplace.

There was some damage to the chilli plant in the trough on the kitchen windowsill which didn't tumble in to the garden too and the plant snapped right in half so has had to be chopped right back unfortunately. Fingers crossed the worst of the weather is now behind us!


  1. Crikey glad to hear the troughs are relatively unscathed and you can still get some veg off them over the next few weeks.

  2. You must have had some blustery weather there. Glad to hear there wasn't too much damage.

  3. It was really windy here too yesterday.

    The guy below must have thought it was food from heaven - lucky he wasn't standing under the window!!

  4. Oh my goodness. Sorry to hear about that!!

  5. I see you've already cut it back, but for broken stems in future you might want to try a bit of masking tape around the break as a bandage. It's amazing how well plants can recover from breaks if given a bit of help.
    One of my squash plants had a broken stem quite early on. I forgot about the tape and left it on too long - the growing stem (bulging above and below the repair) had made the tape so tight it took about 5 minutes of careful knife-work to get it off again.
    The plant looks as healthy as the others now.

    I think I mentioned it before, but you might want to have a look at this for more stable troughs...

    Glad there wasn't too much lost to the tumble (or anyone hurt for that matter).


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