Friday, 13 August 2010

Flowers on the sickly tomato plants!

Well the poor little tomato plants that I had to completely chop back to pretty much nothing after I put them out on the windowsill and they got battered by the wind have just started to produce flowers! It's great to see how they've sprung back to life after the ordeal. I'm not sure that we'll get massive amounts of fruit off them but I'm pleased to see they recovered.


  1. Never mind every little helps - like our neglected tomato plant a great will to survive!

  2. Hi, first time visiting. I'm amazed what you are managing to grow on or outside of a windowsill.

    Well done.


  3. That's awesome that it came back to life!

  4. Green Lane Allotments - yes, it's a great feeling when a plant has a will to survive! I hope your little neglected tomato plant is coming on well...

    flwrjane - Thanks for stopping by, it's amazing how much you can squeeze into a windowsill when you try.

    meemsnyc - Yes, I really did think that that was it when I came home and the poor plant had been so destroyed by the wind!


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