Monday, 3 May 2010

Daffodils dead

The torrential rain of the last couple of days has finished off the last of our windowbox daffodils. Over the past few weeks we've had some gorgeous narcissi with multiple yellow flowers coming from one stem but now their time has passed. Unfortunately it would also seem that the wildflower seeds that I planted in the pot a month or so ago have failed to germinate (I think that the seeds were just too old) so I am left with a windowbox without flowers. I have been reading about what to do with daffodils once they've died and learnt that you should leave them for 6-8 weeks after they have died to allow the nutrients to return to the bulbs and so I need to think of something to do in the meantime. I thought that given my failure at attempting to grow salad leaves in a seed tray that planting some salad leaves in and around the dead daffodils might be an idea and then once the daffodils have gone it can become a fully fledged salads windowbox.

In other flower news and in light of international sunflower guerilla gardening day on Saturday our five sunflowers are looking healthy and strong.

I think that all of our plants are starting to outgrow the small pots that they are in now and have been advised that in London the frosts pass quicker than in other parts of the country and so will be starting to think about potting them on in the not too distant.


  1. Hi Amy, yes it's sad to see all the daffodils pretty much's seems such a long wait for them to flower and then they are gone so quickly. I'm afraid I have no advice about your oregano runners, I have never seen this happen with oregano so whilst the post interested me I am sorry to be of no help whatsoever! Your sunflowers looks good,very sturdy...what type are you growing? I'm trying 'Russian Giant'...are you growing a dwarf variety suitable for windowsills and balconies?

  2. As much as I love daffodils, they annoy me once they're past and the dead foliage has to hang around so long to die down. Your sunflowers look lovely and healthy. I'm growing three different varieties this year.

  3. Yes I'm growing Irish Eyes sunflowers which should be dwarf and good for pots and tubs so fingers crossed we'll be ok and still able to see out of the windows (! Looking forward to seeing how the sunflowers in both of your gardens come on this year...

  4. Why don't you stash the windowbox containing the dying daffs in garden of someone living near you and start a fresh one on your windowsill. You could then alternate them. I'm sure you could think of somebody not too far away who is mug enough to stash it away in a corner for you.


  5. Shame about the daffys, but I think you on the right track of wanting to plant salad crops in the gap.

    Your sunflowers do look strong. I too am growing Russian Giant like Nina. Mine are long and leggy though. I am a little worried they may fall over before they fatten up like yours.

  6. Hi mangocheeks - I take it that if you're growing the Russian Giants then they are for your garden rather than the pots!


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