Friday, 16 April 2010

To pot or not to pot...

Well the tomatoes and the nasturtiums seem to be coming on like wildfire at the moment and the spinach has absolutely shot up since this morning.

The tomatoes and the nasturtiums have got to the stage now though when I'm wondering how long they can stay in the pots they are in. For space issues inside I'd quite like to be able to go straight from the pots they're in out to the windowboxes but is it still to cold and early for them to brave the outside? For tomatoes I have read everything from early May to late June but have also heard of some people putting their tomatoes outside from mid-April so I'm not sure what to do! Also, before fully transplanting them into outdoor windowboxes do we need to acclimatise them to outside a bit at a time or will they be ok if they go straight out? From a bit of nasturtium research it seems that they would probably be ok to go outside straight away (and they are getting a little unruly on the table!) but would it be ok plant them in a window box now that we then add more to later?

Outside on the kitchen windowsill the last of our three types of daffodil is looking like it will burst into flower any day. And these ones will have multiple flowers from one stem which I'm looking forward to seeing.


  1. I think it's still too cold to plant outside yet, as there's still a risk of frost which would kill them. They do need hardening off before you plant them out, start putting them outside for longer spells each day, until you're leaving them out all day, but bring them in at night. This takes about two to three weeks.

  2. Hi Amy, I agree with Jo, I think it is too early yet. I have never grown nasturtiums in pots only straight into the ground outside but I usually do that in mid to late May I think. When I have left them in the ground in Autumn a single frost has turned them all to mush so I'd be careful of putting them out too early. Your pots are looking very pretty and healthy.

  3. Great! Thanks for the advice guys and sorry for all the questions! I think we'll still head up to the garden centre this weekend to get the supplies in but I'll leave it for a bit before putting anything out and make sure that I build them up to it with spells out on the windowsill before planting them out.


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