Tuesday, 27 April 2010

One Pot Pledge

I found out about the One Pot Pledge initiative yesterday and today have just signed up as a budding novice gardener growing veg in a pot on my windowsill! The initiative aims to get first time growers planting a pot of fruit or veggies on a windowsill, patio, balcony or roof. They'll send you updates and advice on things to be doing and schools and groups can also get involved. It's not just for novice gardeners either - those more experienced amongst you can sign up as a Gardening Guru to offer advice to first time growers. By the end of the summer they aim to have encouraged 30,000 people to have signed up to grow a pot of their own harvestable food.


  1. Hi Amy, congratulations...looks very worthwhile. Thanks for the info, their site has lots of handy info on it, I've been having a good read. I'm not sure I qualify as either 'brand new beginner' and definitely not 'guru' status! Not after this weekends appalling effort!

  2. Their website is full of interesting information. I certainly couldn't call myself a guru.


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