Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Windowsill on the wild side

A couple of year's ago as a stocking filler at Christmas I got a matchstick garden of wildflower seeds. It's been sitting on my shelf ever since waiting until I had some soil and a watering can and at long last its day has come. I've just planted the matchsticks in amongst the daffodils in a bid to keep the flower windowbox in bloom long after the daffodils have gone. It's a lovely sunny day on the windowsill and I've given them plenty of water so they're off to the best start in amongst the daffodils. Encouraged by the success from the Wahaca chilli matchbox I'm hoping for similar success with the wildflowers. If all goes well we should be getting cornflowers, shasta daisies, corn marigold and field poppies so we'll have a rainbow of colours. I love poppies so really hoping that those seeds germinate!

You might just be able to see in the windowbox that one of our Jack Snipe narcissi looks like it's going to flower any day now too...


  1. What a lovely stocking filler! I look forward to seeing pictures of them all in bloom. Keep us updated on the chillies...I tried to grow chillies last year and failed miserably!

  2. Your windowbox will be lovely and colourful if they all germinate. I love cornflowers.

  3. Yes, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will germinate! Slightly concerned that they might not because of the length of time that they've been sat on the shelf but might as well try them and see how we go...

    Nina - about to update on the chillis now. Did you not manage to get the plants to germinate at all or did you just not get any fruit?

  4. Hi Amy, the chilli plants germinated and then grew really, really slowly. They only ever grew to less than 10cms tall and the fruits were incey wincey things which were really shrivelled! I think maybe they didn't get enough heat early on. They took forever and I got rather bored and impatient with them I'm afraid! I had much better luck the year before with sweet peppers (yellow ones did best, red ones never really ripened but they may have been lack of sun!).

  5. Hmm... maybe the same fate will come to my chillis then as it isn't exactly warm in the flat at the moment!


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