Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A sunny windowsill weekend

Well I've had a few days off the blog but over the weekend we decided to put the five herb pots out on the windowsill for a while whilst it was really sunny to see how they fared. They've been doing ok (and the basil seems to have perked up since I stopped watering it so much - thanks for the tips!) but what seems to have happened is that they've hit a bit of a stage where they don't seem to be getting any bigger particularly quickly so I thought some time out in the sun might do them some good. Unfortunately for the coriander by the time it was brought back in again it seemed to have flopped over completely. I'm not quite sure what to do about it to get the stalks stronger so that they can support the weight of the leaves. In the other pots I keep thinking that some day the skinny little chives are going to be getting a bit thicker but they don't seem to be showing any signs of that yet. The parsley seems to be doing ok, I was worried before that only one of our seeds had germinated but then I was informed that parsley always takes ages to germinate and since then we've had two more seedlings so things are on the up! And last but not least the mint still seems to be lingering behind as lots of very small little plants. So a bit of a hotch-potch with the lot of them but any advice on what these herbs should be looking like nearly two months after sowing would be much appreciated!

In other exciting news the spinach seeds that I sowed a week ago are starting to pop their heads up which is fantastic.


  1. Yay, plants! Coriander does like sun, but doesn't like it hot; at least the kind I grow doesn't. It bolts at the mere thought of heat.

  2. I have had limited success with herbs, but I left three pots of coriander, chives and parsley out on my balcony over the winter where they froze, filled with water and generally gave every indication of being utterly dead.

    This spring they have bounced back stronger than ever - the chives are robust, the parsley is doing well and even the coriander looks like it might live.

    My experience is that if you just let herbs do their thing, they might well surprise you.

  3. Compost only has a few weeks worth of nutrients in it, so it may be time to pot them on. I haven't even sown any herbs yet, I think I'd better get a move on.

  4. Hi everyone, Thanks for the advice! I'll be asking for some more in a minute... Jo - with the herbs do you think that I need to repot them and actually put them in bigger pots or do you think that some plant food would suffice? they don't seem so large as to have outgrown the pots that they're in yet.

  5. I would probably prick them out into their own pots, but I would only use small ones. Hope this helps.


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