Sunday, 26 September 2010

Roasted peppers and chorizo

So on Friday night we attempted to use up our two sweet peppers that had turned red. There's a delicious chorizo, roasted pepper and rocket sandwich that I first tasted at Borough Market from the Brindisa stall about 10 years ago (they still sell them so if you find yourself in London on a Friday or Saturday head down to Borough and check them out for yourself!) which I thought would be perfect for using up our two little peppers.

So, I covered them in olive oil and placed them in the oven on 180 until they were blackened all over as usual. Unfortunately I hadn't banked on the fact that little peppers will have thinner skins and sadly by blackening them all over they were actually just burnt straight through and so there was no sweet, roasted flesh behind the blackened skin to peel away. Luckily though as they were so tiny I had supplemented them with a larger shop bought pepper that was perfectly cooked so stuck that in the plastic bag until the skin was ready to peel off.

Then I fried up my chorizo and placed them into a ciabatta loaf along with the roasted peppers and a good wedge of rocket. Served alongside a cold beer and some roasted anya potaotes it was the perfect way to unwind after a hectic week at work.


  1. Hi Amy, I am trying once again to send you a comment. Your chillies look great and so does the past recipe. I may have to try that as I have had a lot of chillies this year. I love Borough Market in fact I love that whole area. We often go when we stay at my son's, he's a big fan too.
    Have a good week.

  2. Looks good, we're doing stuffed peppers tonight, I must try roasting Anya's as I have a boxful of them!

  3. Maureen - Yes Borough Market is fantastic isn't it! Just that everything there costs a fortune so you have to limit yourself in terms of how much you can buy each time...

    Damo - You really must try roasting some of your Anya's - they're really delicious!


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