Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Cherry tomatoes on the table

Well last night we used up all of our cherry tomatoes that were currently red. Unfortunately one of the problems with the windowsill is that whilst everything is very tasty and it is hugely satisfying to have grown this veg ourselves, quantity-wise we are always a little lacking in having enough of anything for a whole meal. So last night we had around ten of our homegrown tomatoes but they had to be supplemented from some shop bought ones (you can see the difference between our smaller, more misshapen but brighter red tomatoes versus the uniform shop bought ones).

We cooked them in a nice simple pasta dish that is easy to whack on and cook when you get home from work. While the pasta is cooking you put the cherry tomatoes in a pan and heat them up with a glass of white wine. When it starts to simmer nicely put in a good dollop of creme fraiche and leave it all simmering away. Then once the pasta is cooked drain it and then pour your sauce over it and at the last minute stir through a good handful of rocket (such a shame our windowsill grown rocket never took off as otherwise it could have been a windowsill grown produce bonanza). Serve with shaved parmesan and lots of black pepper on top.


  1. We have the same problem! Not enough tomatoes!

  2. It's never equal is it some with not enough and others with gluts - we are somewhere between with tomatoes this year now we have plenty but it was a reallys low start

  3. The ones you have grown yourself will have added much more flavour than any shop bought ones did though. Quality over quantity every time.

  4. At least you managed to turn them into a tasty meal. I'm not sure it is possible to have too many tomatoes so I think your approach is a very common one, but itn't it a shame just how different the shop bought one look?

  5. Sounds lovely, we're overrun with tomatoes at the moment, not complaining though the girls love the pasta sauce!

  6. Thanks for all of the comments!

    meemsnyc and Amy - As Jo says at least the home grown ones add that extra delicious flavour to the shop bought ones.

    Green Lane Allotments - glad that your harvest has picked up now.

    Damo - pasta sauce sounds scrummy!


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