Thursday, 21 October 2010

Winter windowsill

Now that the fruits of my labour over the summer are on their way out I have been wondering whether there is anything that I can put into my windowboxes over the winter months so that I've still got something exciting going on and I'm not just staring at bare earth with a few scrappy plants for several months. From an initial Google I was rather disappointed as it seemed very much that I'd missed the boat and should have been thinking about this a long while back in August. However, then I found this great page on the Garden Organic website which shows that October is a fine month to be planting a whole range of things - garlic, autumn set onions, chinese leaves, lambs lettuce, winter lettuce and more... I was watching an episode of the City Gardener the other day on 4oD where they were putting garlic and onion sets into pots for the patio so I'm fairly confident that I should be able to grow them in pots on the windowsill but of the leafy suggestions, not having an idea of size, I can't work out which might be ok for the windowsill.

Any suggestions?


  1. I'm planning on planting garlic this week - I start in pots and then transfer to the plot but no reason they can't grow on in your tubs.

  2. Definitely do garlic. I just planted that recently.

  3. I'm sure garlic would work and a mix of winter lettuce, mustard leaves etc would be good giving some greenery and pickings over winter.

  4. I have some hardy spring onions, pak choi, giant red mustard and other things about to go in. Winter radishes can be nice too, and Arctic King or Valdor lettuce. Plus all kinds of microgreens on the inside windowsill. Good luck!

  5. Excellent, thanks for the tips guys! Was intending to get out to the garden centre today but slept in a little too late this morning and not sure I'm going to be able to find the time now... When I'm buying these things will I be ok getting seeds or do I need to get plug plants?


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