Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Food from the sky

Well a few weeks ago I promised to report back from a garden that I visited on the Capital Growth Open Gardens day when garden's across London opened their doors to the public. Keeping in the vain of my windowsill garden I decided to visit another aerial garden called "Food from the Sky" which is on the roof of Budgen's supermarket in Crouch End in North London.

I found it a fabulously inspiring visit with old recycling boxes carefully placed around the roof that had all manner of exciting vegetables growing in them from salad leaves, tomatoes and peppers right through to fruit trees and there were some flowers thrown in for good measure as well along with egg boxes dotted around the place that had been put to equally good recycled use as seed starter trays. Amazing!


  1. It's becoming quite the thing in cities to use empty roof space isn't it - a good idea - I wonder whether they suffer from carrot fly?

  2. Yes, it's really great and inspiring that people are getting out there and proving that even if you don't have land, there are still growing spaces to be found!


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