Sunday, 17 October 2010

A pleasant surprise

Continuing in the theme of the dying contents of our windowsill our mint was not looking at all happy. All of the branches and stems had gone woody and the leaves crinkled and brown and so there I was about to chuck it out when I had a look down into the pot and there were loads of small bright green leaves growing up from the base of the pot.

So it looks like I might have a mint revival on my hands!



  1. That same thing happened to our pot of mint. I was about to chuck it and then I noticed new growth today. One of my friends told me that mint is virtually invincable. It grows like crazy.

  2. Looks like that plant was in mint condition after all... :-)

  3. Yes it's fantastic isn't it! I was most pleased. Now I just have to get around to chopping off all the dead bits...


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