Saturday, 16 October 2010


As a novice gardener in her first year of gardening I was becoming a bit disillusioned - the excitement of the spring and summer when new things seemed to be happening every day had passed and the plants just seemed to be on a slow decline to death. I'd been walking past them and rather than getting the joy of earlier months I was getting a sinking feeling as they just started to look more and more dead every day.

But the other day I decided to pick myself up and have a proper look at them all and look for the positives - we had lots of bright red chillies and tomatoes just waiting to be picked and the oregano still seems to be coming on great guns.

We also had no food in the house for dinner and had just got back from a trip away so the fact that we had these bright juicy fat red chillies and tomatoes just crying out to be picked was a great little present. So I heated up the hob and chucked four of the chillies in the pan to blacken them all over. Then in went the tomatoes along with some chopped spring onions, garlic and the finely chopped stalks of a bunch of parsley that I found lying around in the fridge. Meanwhile I got a big pot of boiling water on the go to cook some pasta in. Once all of the veggies had fried down a bit I bashed up the chillies, added a tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of drained chickpeas and left it all to simmer away while the pasta cooked. Once the pasta was done I added a ladelful of the pasta water to the sauce, chucked the pasta in and stirred it around along with the chopped parsley leaves and salt and pepper to taste. A perfect meal inspired by the windowsill and the store cupboard!


  1. The stalks are saying goodbye, but at least you got some bright red Christmas coloured baubles and chillies - they are so bright they are almost hurting my eyes :D

    I absolutely love you impromtu food at the table. All those flavours appeal to me, and as an added bonus - it inc. your own home-grown ingredients too. Joy!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. That's great that you made such a quick pasta out of veggies you grew. I do this a lot to clean out the fridge. Throw everything edible in a frying pan. Yum.

  3. Yes it's so great to be able to throw a whole bunch of stuff together that you just have lying around and create something delicious! Even better when you've grown some of it yourself!

  4. Amy,

    This looks amazing! It's just inspired me to throw together a quick pasta dish with some of what's left in my garden tonight. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'll add yours to my regular stops, too. Cheers!

  5. Thanks Avis! I hope that your garden dinner was equally tasty.


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