Monday, 2 August 2010

A week in the life of a pepper plant

I am completely amazed at the speed at which our sweet peppers are growing! I can pretty much see them growing day by day with the increase in size from when I leave for work in the morning and get home in the evening. And where last weekend we had two little peppers, at the start of this week we've got five! And properly pepper shaped peppers now too rather than the little green nodules I blogged about before (the picture below is of the same fruit that is in the photograph of the July 24th post).

In other windowsill news our most productive fruiting tomato plant is getting more tomatoes by the day and we've started to get a few buds and flowers on some of the other plants.

It's amazing how much joy a few little plants on a windowsill can bring...


  1. Very nice! I really wish I had got around to sowing those pepper seeds... Maybe next yeat..?

  2. Hi Amy, Looks like you've got plenty to be getting on with on your allotment without worrying about peppers as well!!

  3. You're growing this on your windowsill! Wow, you must get really good sun. Our window sills get hardly any sun. Although, I like to start my plants from seed and I rest them on the sill. But they don't get much larger than seedlings.

  4. Hi meemsync, thanks for stopping by! Yes our windowsills are really sunny so we're lucky in that respect. They get full sun from about 11 in the morning right through to evening time. Perfect for the tomatoes, peppers and chillies. However, I didn't have so much luck with salad vegetables, tried them twice but both times they just shrivelled up. Too much sunshine frazzled them I think...


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