Friday, 6 August 2010

New cookbooks!

I had some money left at the end of last month so I decided to order a couple more cookbooks and they've just arrived!

Bit of a restaurant themed cookbook shop with the first of the River Cafe and Moro books. Great to have some new inspiration and can't wait to get started cooking some of the recipes out of them.

We're actually off for dinner at Moro in a few weeks time too, been once before and really looking forward to heading back again!


  1. I love getting new cook books! Enjoy.

  2. One of my favourite past-times: cookbooks. i think its important to treat yourself now and again. I like the look of your collection. I've cooked the sweet potato falafels from Leon and a couple of blackcurrant recipes from Sarah Ravens book, but have to be honest and say I have not attempted any of the recipes from either of the Moro cookbooks. I'm envious that you are off to eat there. Did you know that the authors had an allotment plot (Manor Gardens I think) before it got nabbed by the council for the London Olympics.

  3. We're overrun with cookbooks too. Must use them more often though!

  4. meemsnyc - Thanks for your comment, I'm going to be trialing some of the new recipes tonight - we've got a dinner out of the Moro cookbook to look forward to and lunch tomorrow from the River Cafe cookbook.

    mangocheeks - Ah yes, the sweet potato felafels from the Leon cookbook are lovely aren't they! There's a new Leon cookbook out in September so that might become a must have too. And yes, I think that the third Moro cookbook (Moro East) is all about Sam & Sam using fresh ingredients out of the allotment. That book's still on the list!

    Damo - you really must dust them down and get creative with new recipes. As much as I love recreating tried and tested recipes, it's great to explore new ways of using the same ingredients.


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