Sunday, 8 August 2010

A few more sunny days like today is what we need!

If only the weather could stay sunny like it is today. Then maybe my poor green chillies would have more of a hope of turning red at some point soon. They are all looking very healthy and now all, bar one of my plants have got several chillies on them each (even the ones that I've had to keep indoors!) but they are all still staying resolutely green with not even the tiniest hint of redness coming out yet.

Being entirely new to this gardening malarkey I have no idea how long I should be expecting to wait for chillies (or peppers in general I guess?) to turn red. Can anyone offer me any advice as to how long these things normally take? The three chillies that have been around for the longest don't seem to have changed at all in three or four weeks now since they stopped getting any bigger but they are still showing no signs of changing colour...


  1. That is a good question. I've been wondering the same thing about our peppers. We have a habanero plant and it seems to take forever to get red!

  2. Last year we picked red chillies at the beginning of September - we're not growing them this year but our sweet peppers still have a way to go.

  3. Hi I have just come across this blog and I really like it. Do you send regular emails to your subscribers?


  4. Hi Amy, I've just been reading up about chile peppers as I've just adopted one with black pods (yes, really, so exciting!) and I didn't know what type it was (Black Hungarian, I now think). Unless we get a bout of sustained sunshine, your pods are unlikely to ripen fully but you can still use them, although they won't be as hot as a mature pod. There's lots of info on the web - try this one:
    Carolyn x
    (PS. apologies if this appears twice, I'm having a problem commenting on Blogger blogs!)

  5. I can't help with the chilli or pepper advice but I can complement yo on your crop! Mine are in the greenhouse looking quite stunted and unripenable. It's pouring today here so I can't even work up enthusiasm to look at them. Hope the sun comes back!

  6. Thanks for all your comments.

    meemsnyc, Green Lane Allotments and Caro - check out the latest blog posts - we have chillies turning red!

    Yvonne - thanks for the post, great that you enjoyed my blog. I haven't quite figured out how to do the email thing yet but I'll look into it and see what I can do.

    projectforty - thanks for the compliment. I hope that your chillies cheer up soon.

  7. I don't know anything about growing peppers, but I was thinking you could add a lot of extra light using (say) a couple of CFL, (cool white preferably)- bulbs. Easy on the electrical bill. I used to grow african violets under this type of lighting and the results were spectacular.


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