Monday, 16 August 2010

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Look at our chillies now! From being completely green a week ago, to starting to see red patches on Thursday, they are now bright red all over!

I never realised that when they turned red it would happen so quickly. You can see them shining out now in all their red glory when you're walking back down the road - puts a smile on my face every time.

Verdict: Wahaca chilli seeds - success!


  1. Nice!!! Our habaneros are finally changing color now too!

  2. Looking much better than ours Amy! Normally we have loads of chillies, but I used rubbish compost and they were so slow to start they are only just flowering now! Hopefully we will get some before Oct as I need to make the batch of chilli jam!!

  3. I have loads of chilies on my Serrano plant but none of them have turned red yet. You've done really well with your windowsill gardening.

  4. Oo the sight of chillies send a cold shiver down my spine!!

  5. They look great, we've got some red ones now too!

  6. these peppers look beautiful!

  7. They look hot... are they the ones from Wahaca the restaurant? I've gotnHot Paper Lantern (bought at West Dean), which doesn't look quite so menacing, but is a very spicy habanero. I want to try 'Demon Red' next year, which was on GW last Friday - recommended by Chili queen, Sarah from West Dean.

  8. meemsnyc - hope the habaneros are tasty!
    Sparkly - have your flowers produced any chillies yet? Chilli jam sounds great!
    Jo - hope that your serrano chillies turn red soon.
    Damo - glad your chillies are turning red too!
    Wendy - thanks so much for visiting the blog and commenting.
    camillap - yes they are the ones from Wahaca in Covent Garden. Looking forward to hearing how your chillies are doing.


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