Saturday, 24 July 2010

Sweet peppers on the way

I think that I've got two little sweet peppers on the way!! I can't be sure as having never grown sweet peppers before I'm not sure what they're supposed to look like but the sweet pepper plant that went out on the windowsill two weeks ago now appears to have two little green bulbous nodules in the place of where flowers once were.

Exciting times out on the windowsill indeed!


  1. Hi Amy, your blog looks great, love the tomato background! They're peppers alright, I'm just about to post some photos of mine soon, can't wait to pick them, fingers crossed I should be able to have red, green, orange and yellow if they all come good. I'll put a link to your site as well so I remember to pop back in a few weeks to see how they are getting on.

  2. Thanks Damo! Your peppers look like they're coming on a treat! Think I've spotted a third little green nodule this morning so we might have three on the way now...

  3. Hello Amy - Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on your blog - hope the peppers are coming on.

  4. Hi there Green Lane Allotments - the peppers are growing at such a rate. They're twice the size they were on Saturday already! Very encouraged to see them thriving out on the windowsill - just hoping the sun comes back some day soon...


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