Saturday, 29 May 2010

Hardening off in the sun

So we took 9 days off and left the plants to fend for themselves with the help of a friendly waterer coming round to look after them (thank you!) and they've come on leaps and bounds! The ones that we haven't planted out into the troughs yet really are getting a bit too big for their tiny containers now so I've spent the past few days since we've been back hardening them off outside on the windowsills, leaving them out for increasingly lengthy periods of time each day to get them used to the outside world. We're away again for the bank holiday weekend but when we're back I'm going to get them out of their pots and into the troughs.


  1. Hi Amy.
    Seeing the troughs on the windowsill has me wondering... have you got anything in mind for strong winds? It would be heartbreaking to see them take a tumble into the street after all the effort that's going into them. Do you plan to bring them indoors if the need arises? Do you have some sort of restraint? Or are you counting on weight alone to keep them there?

    I was talking to someone about my allotment the other day and when they said they would like to grow but only had a flat I pointed them to this blog. I don't know if they made their way here, but I hope so. I kinda wish I had proper window sills so I could grow a few bits on them. I'd love to have some things growing that close to home.

    I've got loads to report on about my allotment and getting things going but so far I can't seem to find the time. I'll try to get something up tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for passing the details of the blog on. Always good to inspire others living in flats to get growing.

    I have to confess that I haven't got anything to keep the pots in place on the windowsill except for hoping that their weight will keep them steady. It is something that I've had a bit of thought about but as it's a rented flat I can't think of any solutions that we'd be able to do without physically altering the flat... Looking forward to hearing more about the allotment!

  3. I don't suppose it's much help with the troughs you've got, but I saw something that *might* be worth looking at.

    It is unsecured, so no screws or glue meaning it's landlord-friendly... but looks (to my very much untrained eye) like once in place it should stay put with the weight pinning it in place against the wedges. If not I imagine some sort of grippy surface on the backs of the wedges should hold it in place.

    The real beauty, apart from being landlord-friendly, is that if it works it might effectively double or triple your growing space.

    I've been updating my blog over the last couple of days, but nothing since 2 weeks ago has shown up in the sidebar of your blog. Dunno why, but there you go.

    Speaking of the allotment, I'm gonna have to rush off if I'm going to get any work done there before dark!

    All the best!



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