Sunday, 13 February 2011

Prarie fire and jalapenos

The Wahaca chillies did so well last year that I've bought some more chilli seeds. Last year we had serrano's and I think another trip to Wahaca is in order so I can pick myself up some more seeds but in the mean time I did a bit of chilli ordering from the guys at the South Devon Chilli Farm. I was in need of some dried chipotles to make chipotles en adobo and I thought that whilst I was paying for postage and packing I may as well pick up some seeds.

So... I bought some prarie fire which are really pretty little plants that you can keep inside in pots and some jalapenos as they're used in loads of recipes and you can never find them in the shops. However, I'm not quite sure how windowsill friendly the jalapenos will be so that may have been a mistake if they start shooting up... We'll see!


  1. HOpe this year will be a good chili year for you. Good Luck!

  2. Good luck with your chillies!

  3. Thanks guys. No chillies have come through yet but keeping a close eye on them!

  4. What specific variety of Jalapeño did you get?
    I've got one called "Early Jalapeño" which I believe has an easier time ripening in the UK. I've got a fair few started, more than I'll have room to grow. You're welcome to one of the spares, especially if yours don't get off to a good start or you have a different variety and want a Jalapeño race.

    How are they doing? Any sign of germination yet?


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