Saturday, 12 February 2011

The first seeds of 2011 are in!

So... I've planted up the first seeds of 2011. Last year we planted all the seeds at once but this year I've decided that I'm going to go for a more staggered approach in an attempt to not end up with quite such madness in terms of hundreds of plants that all need attention simultaneously. But we'll see how that goes!

As chillies are the trickiest to get to germinate without a propagator I've put lots of chilli seeds in so that I've got time for a second and third go at them if this time is unsuccessful and I've also put in some tomatoes and some sunflowers that were left over seeds from last year. Hopefully they're not too old to germinate - I guess it's wait and see time now!


  1. You watch - they'll all catch up and thwart you! Hope they don't though.

  2. Ooh what fun! I love getting seeds in. Yours are planted much more neatly than mine ever are ;-)

  3. It's good to get some seeds underway. Good luck with your chillies!

  4. Yes it's great having some little patches of brown earth to now watch intently for the first green specks of life appearing...


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