Monday, 7 June 2010

Windowsill gardening at last!

Well at long last this weekend we managed to get around to actually planting the plants out in their troughs and the majority of them are now actually living out on the windowsill. Outside the kitchen window I've transplanted the mint into a much larger pot and am hoping that the plants will get stronger and larger now that they've got more space to move. I also have the trough out on that windowsill that the daffodils were in - nearly all of the daffodil foliage had completely died back so I cut nearly all of it down and have planted a row of nasturtiums at the front, rocket behind and spinach behind that. Hopefully with the leaves in a deeper tray I'll have more luck than last time...

Then on the two living room windowsills I've got two pots that each have a chilli in the middle and nasturtiums round the edge; one trough with the five sunflowers in and I've stuck in some nasturtium seeds in front of them and one trough with some tomatoes in.

I've also split the chives and the basil plants into more bigger pots (although kept them inside) as they didn't seem to be getting any bigger. And in an attempt to get our table back so we have somewhere to eat once more we have moved the two indoor troughs that we planted up a while back to the fireplace although I'm worried that they might not get enough sun there so will monitor them and see how they do...

All in all a good weekend!

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