Thursday, 4 March 2010

How it all began...

A keen cook, inspired by Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook and Nigel Slater's Tender, I have decided in 2010 to see how much I can grow on three sunny windowsills in my first floor London flat. Fully armed with seeds, pots and plenty of enthusiasm I intend to chart my successes and no doubt failures on these pages and hope to get a tasty meal or two at the end of it!


  1. Hi Amy,

    Great blog! I too own a copy of Bob Purnell's 'Crops in Pots' and reviewed it on my blog:

    I wish you every success with your venture - it's so much fun when you see visible results!


  2. Thanks for the encouragement Callum! Only just found this comment - still getting the hang of how the blog works and how to keep track of who has commented where! Good to see that you've found some land in Richmond now and looking forward to seeing what you do with it over the coming year...

  3. Hi Amy,
    My name's Holly Wallace and I'm a researcher for Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers. I'm currently looking for keen veggie gardeners to feature on the next series and I'd be interested to find out more about your windowsill garden. Could you please get in touch with me at


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